What is Dooet?

Dooet is a discovery and vertical search engine for mobile content. By mobile content, we mean anything that can be installed on your handset, such as games, apps, ringtones, videos, themes and many more.

Our unique technology allows us to crawl website and find mobile products wherever they are. Dooet is able to extract information from those websites, identify relevant fields and index them. The result is a robust search engine indexing more than 18 million products.

Dooet can also discover files related to mobile content and index them. Files that can be found on webpages or sharing sites are discovered and indexed. The engine can cleverly discover relations between files and products and will show such relation in the product page.

Dooet can use Social Graph from Facebook to improve results and to highlight products liked by friends. Any user can login through his facebook on Dooet site and then like/comment on any product. Dooet will note this information and change the ranking of results depending on what the end-user has liked previously or what his friends have liked/recommended earlier.

Dooet is also a discovery engine as well allowing users to discover new products or hot products that are usually downloaded or recommended. Users will benefit the most if they logged on using their facebook account thus integrating Dooet Social™ with Dooet Discovery™.

What are our products?

Dooet Search™: A powerful search engine enabling users to search and filter through mobile products using different parameters such as Platform, Rating, Size, Category and many more.

Dooet Social™: The social component in the search engine which allows re-ranking of results depending on the social graph of the searcher (what he/she has liked previously and what their friends have liked/recommended). The results of a query will be affected by the likes/recommendation of friends.

Dooet Discovery™: Allows users to browse the website to discover new products that have been recently indexed or added. Dooet Discovery will take the social activity for each user and his/her friends for recommendation.

Dooet Mobile™: Dooet application is already available on Android, iPhone and Windows mobile.

Dooet Crawler™: A dedicated crawler that can identify websites of mobile content and crawl them. The crawler is suitable for mobile sites that will change their behavior depending on the client. Dooet Crawler™ will discover those sites and will try to extract as much information from them as possible.

Dooet Extractor™: The core of Dooet that allows it to discover, extract and identify mobile products all over the web. Unlike our competitors, our engine can detect mobile content outside of the major appstores.


Professional Team with good knowledge of mobile content markets, platforms, distribution and challenges plus a team of professional people in information retrieval, search and product identification. Both teams were joined to produce a unique vertical and discovery search engine that can identify mobile content on any website in any language.


Help users enrich their handsets with more content easily by allowing them to search and discover mobile content from different websites. This will allow users to solve fragmentation problems and easily identify content compatible with their mobile phones.


To become number one website for any user searching for any mobile content. Our engine should serve users of all mobile handsets (feature and smart) on all continents and with any mobile item (games, apps, ringtones, videos and many more)


Hesham Zreik: Hesham is a technology professional and a serial entrepreneur with strong academic & business backgrounds. He started ZGroup Mobile back in 2002 and grow it to a 3.25million USD company in 2005. He has created several innovative companies in diverse technical fields. He holds two masters: CIS (Computer Information Science) and an MBA from Edinburgh Business School. Linkedin Profile

Dipak Joshi: Chartered Accountant, MBA, CFO of a number of startups in Silicon Valley and Dubai. Commercial role within the company. Silicon Valley based.